The Vail of Experience

The Vail of Experience, 1998

The exhibition The Vail of Experience at the Libray Gallery in Hvidovre in 1998, consisting of 50 small pictures encircling the walls of the room like a band in breast height. Picture frames in five, different colours form a body surrounding the flat colour prints, the segments of which, in pairs visualise an organism from the outside and the inside.
In this installation the focus is directed towards the scientific and technological interference in nature, the transformation of the plant from being an organic object to being a computer manipulated image-object is seen in the perspective of genetic engineering, a technology modifying plants, animals and human beings. An interference where the boundaries and categories that usually define each species are minimised or eliminated. These object-in ages belong to the fringes of a world that is neither the world of human beings nor that of plants. The title of this exhibition is meant as a comment on this strange area.


Erfaringens Slør 1


Erfaringens Slør 2


Erfaringens Slør 3


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