Rootless Reflection

Rootless Reflection, 1997

The exhibition Rootless Reflection is in progress during march 1996 at Gallery 21 in Malmö. The titleis a compilation of the titles of two of the exhibited works, but the title also refers to the exhibition in general. The word Reflection refers to the viewer and the thoughts that the work might trigger, while the word Rootless refers to the condition and location of the plants.

In the work Rootless I, the plants have been pulled up by their roots and placed in airtight, transparent containers filled with water. These containers were hung from the ceiling in elastic silicone strings.

In the work Rootless II the plants have been pulled up by their roots and then encapsulated inacrylic blocks. These acrylic blocks wrer then placed on top of small piles of earth
In both these installations the plants have been brutally severed from there natural habitat. The difference between the two projects is the degree of human infliction: Where as the plants in Rootless I are alive in spite of their confinement, the plants in Rootless II have ruthlessly been robbed of any possibility of growth and therefore of life

The title of the work also indicates man´s lack of rootedness in a culture that does not function in congruity with nature.

Rodløs Reflektion 1


Rodløs Reflektion 2


Rodløs Reflektion 3


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