Reflection II

Reflection II, 1996

The project Reflection II was a continuation of the Reflection exhibition at North Gallery and was shown at The Spring Exhibition at Charlottenborg Copenhagen, in 1996. The plants were now excessively enlarged, so at to match with human physique, in computer manipulated laminated poster prints. Just as in the previous work the actual plant is hidden, this time by paperbags and the naked roots are exposed. Each of the four plant-pictures were placed on the wall in pairs with a shiny steel sheet. The position og the top edge af the steel sheet coincided with the approximate height where the head and the body of the average viewer join, so that the steel sheets reflected the viewers body but not the viewers head. In this way the proportions of the picture are parallel to the proportions of the human body.
The transformation of the plant from being an organic object to being an image, represents the way we see things and concerns conventional imagery. By focusing on and enlarging the part of the plant that we don´t normally see, the conventional idea of what is beautiful or desireable and what is ugly or abject is juxtapositioned.

Reflection II, 1


Reflection II,2


Reflection II, 3


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