Organ Transfer II

Organ Transfer II, 2007
Organ Transfer is a total installation, which through sound collages, objects, photos and graphic images visualizes and comments on transplantation of organs and the trade of these to Europe from different parts of the world. From every corner of the domed hall (“Kuppelsalen”) in Bryggeriets Hus various displaced verses of the nursery song ‘Where is Thumbkin’ is played in different languages: Russian, Hindi, Faroese, French, Danish, Norwegian, English, Thai and Japanese. Artistically modified this sound is being distributed by four speakers surrounding the room in an absurd atmosphere.

Eight transparent boxes containing copies of e.g. small kidneys and heart organs from children are placed on metal tables in the middle of the domed hall. Behind these in the arch of the domed hall eight photos of people from different parts of the world have been mounted. They are portrayed wearing clothes and shoes. The photos are life-size and mounted at eye-level, creating a feeling of meeting another person.
In the large room a display of graphic images titled Organ Transfer, 2006 and Strange Vegetables 2007, comments on the exhibition.

Karen Bjerresgaard: Organ Transfer II, 2007 – Time: 3:35






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