Dogmaprint, 2003

Dogmaprint is made in collaboration with the artists Karen Abell and Lonni Hall, where 24 dogmaprints is made of Karen Bjerresgaard.

About the Rules of Dogma
Our art is thought as an attempt to be innovative in graphics, in the way that we have each formulated rules of dogma, which we have implemented onto the printing process.

Through the dogma rules we have sought to approach a focus and a substance, which reflects the inherent characteristics of stoneprint. In other words that which draws on exactly what is the core of working with stone print.

Through this method we investigate if other motifs arise than would have otherwise occurred through a working process without restrictions.

The stone prints are produced at The National Workshops for Arts and Crafts in year 2001 and 2003.

Dogmetryk 1


Dogmetryk 2


Dogmertyk 3

The Rules of Dogma
Delimitations by Karen Bjerregaard

The appearance and size of the stone predefines the space in which the line unfolds itself.
Emphasis is on the edge of the stone, where the line is chosen as the basis of the event sequence.
The rules become the limitation of the line, but at the same time they clarify its most inner being.

One continuous line where the lines do not cross over each other.
The line returns to its starting point.
The selection of specific stones, where reproduction is not archived through duplication, but through the use of the same stone, wherein the line events of each different print manifests itself.
Stone and print must face the same direction during the production process and in exhibition.
The line continuum is composed of to colour


It is amazing how and when (it happens that) the edge of the stone and the temperament of the line dances in rivalry with each other, in the shapes that occur when the line never crosses itself.

(Karen Bjerresgaard)


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