CV for Karen Bjerresgaard

1994 – 1996 School of Theory and Presentation / Carsten Juhl

1988 – 1994 The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts
Foundation Course /Freddie Lerche
Schulpture department / Bjørn Nørgård

1983 – 1985 Artist´Academy Lolland, Denmark

Group exhibitions (selected) 

2010 Gallery 125, Cph.

2009 Gallery Lisse Bruun, Cph.

2008 Gallery Lisse Bruun, Cph
Printmaking update, Vejle Museum of Art, DK
Caught for a while, Gallery Think Ink, Cph.

2007 Linocut is hot, Gallery Think – Ink, Cph

2006 One Size Fits All, Rundetårn, Cph
Black Church Print Studio, Dublin

2004 Minimal XV, Varmgallery, CPH, DK

2003 The Four Elements, Gallery DAP OW ZPAP, Poland

Separate exhibitions (selected)
2007 Organ Transfer II, Byggeriets Hus, Frederiksberg, DK

2005 Boy Wallpapers, – Three tales, Thorasminde, Bagsværd, DK

2003 Jungles and Vived Diamonds – ,Portalen, Greve, DK.
A cross -over exhibition with Lonni Hall


2007-03-01 The National Workshop for Arts and Crafts, The Old. Dok. Warehouse,
Copenhagen, DK

2006 The Danish Arts Foundation, The Danish Arts Agency

2003 The Committee of Visual Arts of Copenhagen, DK

2002 The grant of Henry Heerup 2002

1996 – 2001 50 exhibitions in North – Exhibition Space

The Visual Artists´Association, The Society of Art
Member and co-founder of North – Exhibition Space
The Association of Young Artists and Critics,
The Association of 18. November.

Published: The Book Dialogue – project, North- Exhibition Space,
Publishing firm: Basilisk 2000, ISBN – 87- 491 – 44 – 00
* book or katalog publications




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