Caught for a while

Caught for a while, 2008

Faithful Followers,  2007, size : 21 x 21 cm. The series Boy Wallpaper was started in 2005 and refers to events in a boy’s life from childhood to adulthood. The work Faithful Followers visualizes the roles offered to a teenage boy. To be a hero for his family and country by carrying and using objects that both protects and kills.
At a distance the image appears to be beautiful patterns, classified in a planned order. However, at close inspection the pattern reveals various forms of firearms. Depending on the geographic location of the boys either bomb-belts or firearms form the pattern.

Girl Wallpaper, No Trespassing, 2007
Size: 39 x 49 cm.
The series of etchings titled No Trespassing is concerned with the tradition instructing Muslim girls to be circumcised at a young age. This act is done at a celebration where pain and screams are being replaced by gifts. Stigmatised for life.

The Veil from 2007, 31 x 31 cm deals with the issue of young orthodox Muslim girls/women being instructed to wear a veil from puberty to old age. The Koran instructs women to dress decently and cover their hair when appearing in public. This order is interpreted very differently depending on the particular country. Behind the beautiful patterns various girls/women wearing veils become visible. The Bedouin women living between the Nile and the Red Sea look attractive with their head garments. Afghan women in burqa cover everything except the eyes and look almost closed off.


Tro følgesvende

Faithful Followers


Forbudt for uvedkommende

No Trespassing



The Veil


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