Boy Wallpapers – three tales

BoyWallpapers-Three tales, 2005

Through three different motifs the focus is on three periods in a boys life – from infancy to teenager. The three motifs carry the subtitles: Agent Orange, Organ Transfer, and 150 and 72 virgins.

Agent Orange:
Babies born in areas where Agent Orange has been used are born with various deformations.

Organ Transfer:
Orphan boys in the third world constitute good organ donors within the age group from 5 to 12 years. They are kidnapped and used for spare parts. Their organs are sold to the rich parts of the world.

150 and 72 virgins:
Teenage boys are lured into the role of suicide bombers with the promise of 150 and 72 virgins who will be awaiting them in heaven.
Aesthetics and beautiful expressions calm us: The world has not gone mad. My motifs have several layers. I believe in the good, in the good intentions in every human being. Life is a beautiful gift.
At closer inspection however I see something different.

The wallpapers tell the story.

Agent Orange

Agent Orange


Organ Transfer

Organ Transfer


150 d.kroner og 72 jomfruer

150 D.kroner og 72 virgins


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